Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello again,

Well, we did it!!! The pilot for 'SPLENDID' is in the can (surely a misnomer in this digital age but you get the meaning) and awaits the editing process. And I have to say it looks absolutely fantastic thanks to the direction, lighting and set design. Add the great performances and I think we have something special that we can all be proud of. So this blog is to thank everyone who gave their time, energy and talent to the pilot.

Dan Turner - writer and director
Jason Arnopp, Piers Beckley, Sarah Morgan - writers
Richard Glover - performer and writer
Hayley Jayne Standing, Rea Donovan, Stephen Evans and Eric Lampaert - performers
Richard Swingle - dop
Mark Sneddon - Focus Puller
Dill Truelove - Camera Assist
Jamie Bishop - production design
Sophie Shelton - sound
Suzie Irlam, Louise Harris - production assistants
Philip Higgs - Runner
Siobhan Furlong, Michelle Court and Michelle Webb - make-up

You were all astonishing and the footage I have seen is a tribute to every one of you. The shoot was hard work with the odd 12 hour day and often having our small bunch of people spread in three locations, packing down one set, shooting another and preparing the next. But it was perhaps the most enjoyable shoot I have been involved with and definitely the most surreal and detached from reality. I know that on all shoots you lose track of the real world but this took us to so many odd places that it took me a couple of days to adjust to not thinking about chickens, herding sheep, or the conversations on 737 flight decks. 

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did and will be as excited about the results when the sketches are cut. All I can say is thank you to each and every member of team 'Splendid' and refer you to Dans' blogs for a more detailed production diary and to the behind the scenes pix on facebook which convey the splendour of 'Splendid' and it's phenomenal team.


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