Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello, I am the caution formerly known as Champagne.

This is my first blog so I have no idea what I'm doing here. So please show patience if I appear to ramble. Or, indeed, actually ramble. Like I am now.

I thought I would post a few lines about two of the great things I have experienced this month.

First, I got to record a commentary of the feature film 'EXPERIMENT' I co-wrote with the delightful Daniel Turner in 2005. Myself, writer/director Dan and producer Clare Deacon sat watching our film, reminiscing about the good things and recalling some of the incidents, beautiful and bizarre, that occurred from conception to the day we sent it kicking and screaming into the world. I hope that those who hear it enjoy it and find it informative, illuminating and entertaining. It was great for me because I publicly got to thank Clare and Rachel, Dans wife, for their help and support in getting our script onto the screen for the first time. And now I get to do it a second time! A big thank you to everyone who worked on it, in front of and behind the camera. You all went beyond the call of duty for us. 

The second thing is I am currently involved in the production of a sketch show pilot called ' SPLENDID'. This has scripts from six superbly talented yet wildly different writers but all share the same vision of humour. No repeated punchlines, no recurring characters, just pure fun and silliness. And we have put together a great company of talented actors to bring these sketches to glorious life. We are currently in the final weeks of pre-production for the pilot so it's all systems go. If you want to keep up to date visit the splendid production blog at blogspot. 

Well, that's me at the moment. I have no idea if this is what a blog is meant to be but there you go. 


  1. It is all anyone could want from a blog, and so much more.
    A caution you are, an expert on bulls you are not.

  2. Why do you hide away so? I had to ask Mr Turner where you were, for I could not find you.

    Come. Frolic in my comments.

  3. I am, it is true, no expert on bulls and really very mauve. But I do love to frolic...